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Over the past little while the Diocese of Yukon's Executive Committee has been considering our stewardship of our resources. Are we making the best use of the gifts that we have been given. Keep in mind that what we have belongs to God and we are to use those gifts for God’s glory, not our own.

The following articles offer some food for thought.

This first article is from the U.S. but is relevant to us here in Canada as well. Post-Pandemic Future of Church Buildings

This article is reflective of work being done through The United Church of Canada. United Church Rental Housing

This article is from a Diocese within our own Ecclesiastical Province on one project that has moved forward. Holy Trinity Cathedral - Moving Forward

How about us here in the Diocese of Yukon? Are we being wise in our use of buildings? Are there ways we can contribute to community health and wellness? What are your thoughts?

Bishop Lesley